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Why Do We Love to Bet on Sports?

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Licensed online sportsbooks were estimated to account for over £30 billion of the sports betting industry in 2016. There is no doubt sports betting is popular and this figure highlights just how much money it is bet throughout the world on sporting events online. The figure is sure to be higher in 2019 with the ever-growing popularity of online betting sites.

The number above does not take into consideration sports betting shops and other ways of betting on sport. Therefore, the actual amount of money in the sports betting industry Is sure to be much higher but why do so many people love to bet on sports?

The obvious answer is to make money. Every individual who places a bet on sport does so in the hope they are going to win. It does not matter if the bet is placed on a favourite and the winnings are small or if the bet is on an outsider and the winnings are large, the thrill is the same.

For some people, betting on sport is an occasional thing and winning is a time for celebration but for serious gamblers, sports betting may be their main source of income. Therefore, sports betting could be a little bit of entertainment for some but for others sports betting is a business.

While winning a sports bet is clearly the major motivation for most people to place a bet in the first place, there are other reasons why we love to bet on sports. One of these reasons is to make what may be a mundane sporting event for some into a more exciting occasion. For example, during the international football break for qualifying or friendly matches there will be several games which mean very little to a lot of fans.

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A match between Romania and Sweden will not generate a great deal of interest among English football fans. However, if there is money riding on the match, all of a sudden, this game becomes much more exciting. If you have placed a bet on Romania to win and the score is 1-1 heading into the 90th minute and Romania score the winning goal it would lead to great celebration. What was a meaningless game has now become a match to remember thanks to the winning bet.

Then there is the satisfaction of getting one over on your friends or family. If you are among a group of mates and you each place a different bet on the same sporting event, not only is there a desire to win your individual bet there is also the determination to show your mates you know more about sport.

It is easy to predict which player will win a tennis match but having the confidence to put money on the outcome is something different. The pleasure of collecting your winnings while your friends are drowning their sorrows is a great feeling and is one of the many reasons why we love to bet on sports.

Thanks to the development of online streaming and live betting, it is now possible to place a bet while watching a sporting event. This has added a whole new level of excitement in sports betting and the buzz of watching an event and placing a bet during play has brought a whole new dimension to sports gambling.

This continued advancement in sports betting technology is yet another reason why we love to bet on sports, such as the advancement in betting apps and other features to enhance the betting experience like cash out, in-play betting, live streaming, price boosts and more top features.

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