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Going to the bookies may be a weekly occurrence for you or a yearly treat. Sports betting can add extra excitement to an otherwise boring sports event, whether at the bookies or online with sites such as US Leagues Betting, and can also bank you some extra beer tokens for the weekend.

Whilst many know the ins and outs of betting on the British Isles and throughout Europe, many tend not to bet on American sports. Whether it is due to a lack of sporting knowledge or the more predictable nature of some American sports, it can be hard to pick a good winning bet. To avoid losing your money, grabbing only minimum winnings from bets, or to know which sport to bet on in the USA have a little read on below.

Statistically, the best sport to bet on in the US is the NFL. Consequently, the National Football League (or American Football to us Brits) is the most popular market in the states. American football holds a host to a whole plethora of added extras which you can stick on your bet from scoring per quarter to specific player touchdown wagers. The complexity of the sport in itself allows for numerous multi-bets to take place as well which can heighten your odds. This is a great way to boost odds if you have done your homework. Specifically, College Football is statistically the most profitable market in the whole of the US betting scene. The predictability and chance of mismatch is higher which allows for larger spread in scoring. Indeed, 50+ leads are not entirely uncommon in College Football, whereas in the NFL anything over 10+ leads are seen as a demolition. Not only this, but the NCAAF (College Football) league is bet on a lot less than the NFL, it allows those who are seeking bigger and better results from their wager to get more bang for their buck. Despite less bets being put on College football, this side of the game is actually incredibly popular amongst a lot of Americans. This popularity can prove to change or interfere with performances from the non-pro athletes who are on these sides. It’s only human for a player straight out of his mum and dad’s house to struggle to perform at their best level when TV cameras, 90,000 fans and pro-scouts are watching – this means mistakes and big chances to gain money by gambling on this, cruel but a reality.

Coming back to the actual NFL league, this has proved the USA’s favourite sport for ages now, and with this, there is a lot of betting on it. This means the market is saturated and there’s not a lot of money to be had on it. If you do choose to bet on the NFL you should look into more obscure markets such as over/under leads or specific players’ touchdown counts. Perhaps the most indicative of the saturated market is the Superbowl. One of the biggest sporting events in the world sees huge swathes of money wagered on it and every year is an absolute banker for the bookies. Says it all really. Betting is all about getting bang for your buck and it’s particularly important in American Football to weigh this up due to how populated the market is. Nonetheless, it can be a highly lucrative wager if you’ve done your homework.

The best chance of getting bang for your buck when gambling is in horse racing. This sport is unpredictable and hugely profitable if you do your research. After careful consideration of external factors and form, sticking a bet on horse racing is more often than not going to get you a fair amount of profit. And when it comes to the USA, they have some of the best races in the world. Indeed the Kentucky Derby is perhaps the biggest horse race in the world and is annually a great chance for more casual gamblers to take a hit at trying to get a big win. Likewise, the Pegasus World Cup Invitational (Florida Cup) has previously held the biggest purse in the world for a single horse race. This is a clear indicator of the grandeur surrounding this event and is reflected in the caliber of the race. Despite being a fairly new race the Florida Cup is becoming a fan favourite and attracting big names which only allows for bigger and better bets to be wagered on this event. Horse racing in America is a huge market and certainly worth sticking your money on.

Another huge sports genre worldwide but specifically in America is fighting. Boxing and MMA/UFC are massive markets and even bigger nights out for those attending the events live. Filled with excitement, great deals of skill and ultimately lots of money, big fights are a great sport to try and bookie-bash in the states. Regardless of the level of fight you tend to get great odds on results by knock-out or submission. Similarly, you can get really good odds on more specific things like which round or time the fight will end. The beauty here is that usually the competitors are very equal but there is always a favourite. Because of this the favourite isn’t always as likely to win as other sports and the betting reflects this. There’s certainly margins for getting big wins here.

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