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Online slot machines come in all different shapes and sizes, with many different themes involved. These themes can range from the good and the great in film and television, to your more traditional fruit machines. There are also those that are weirder and wackier than you’d come to expect of an online slot machine.

The popularity of online slots has enabled game developers to think outside the box in order to attract a wider audience. We’ve taken a look at three of the more obscure choices when it comes to slots. If you’d like to discover all the range of slots available, check out and pick your favourite.

Leprechaun goes to Hell

A leprechaun is generally considered to be source of good luck, offering anyone who catches one three wishes. The leprechaun in this slot machine is on the wrong side of luck, having ended up in hell.

Play N Go are the developers of Leprechaun goes to Hell, and they’ve certainly done a good job at creating a unique slots game. It features five reels of three rows and 25 pay-lines and the symbols on the reels are: a pentagram, a bottle of green poison, the head of the devil’s pitchfork and a top hat with bones on as well as the more traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols.

The game has some decent graphics, even if the layout looks quite basic, but it’s certainly worth trying out. It also has some good animations when you trigger regular free spins and infernal free spins.

Down the Pub

If you’re a fan of the humble British pub, then Down the Pub might just be the perfect slots game for you. Although you’d expect to find a fruit machine in a pub, it’s rare to see a slot machine with a pub theme. As you’d expect, it is set at the bar of a pub, with five reels and three rows. There are 15 pay-lines available to players and the symbols include: some snacks, a beer keg, a ploughman’s lunch, a pint of beer and a glass of whiskey as well as the basic symbols of B, O, N, U and S on beer mats.

Developed by Playson, Down the Pub, features a drunk pub customer sat next to the reels. The free spins feature of the game is the most lucrative for the player to earn, especially if they get a pint symbol on the reels.

With some humour and great graphics, there’s very little which disappoints from this pub-themed slot machine.

Machine Gun Unicorn

Although usually a loveable mythical creature, Genesis Gaming decided that the unicorn was too cute, and instead turned its horn into a machine gun for our final pick of weird slots games. Featuring the tag line “The hero you didn’t know you always wanted”, this bizarre slot game features a story whereby Ponyland has been invaded by a horde of hungry zombies.

The game has some catchy background music and plays a guitar sound when you win. It is when the machine gun unicorn appears in one of the reels that you hear the sound of the machine gun. The only real downside is that, while it has five reels and three rows, there are only 10 pay-lines, which is fewer than the other two on this list.

The number of pay-lines aside, this is a fun game with catchy music and, if you’re someone who would like to see a machine gun unicorn firing at zombies, then this is the perfect game for you.

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