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How To Choose The Winning Machine In Video Poker

Video poker machines

Video poker is best described as a combination of poker and slot machines. You can find video poker both online and in land-based casinos, and there are usually lots of different versions you can choose from. Like slot machines, video poker is a really simple game to play, with each game being based on random chance. Unlike slots, there is some skill involved, as you can choose whether to hold any of your cards in order to increase your chances of success.

Although there’s a skill-based element in video poker, the game is determined by random number generation. Each video poker machine will select which cards are shown through random chance. As a result, you can’t choose a machine that’s more likely to win than any other. However, you can check the return to player rate before you start playing.

How Does Video Poker Work

Unlike online poker, which is played against human opposition, video poker is just you vs a computer. Each time you press play, you’ll pay the stake and will receive five cards. You can choose whether to hold your cards to keep them or press the play button to deal again. Any cards you don’t hold will be replaced, and you should be trying to make the strongest five-card hand.

Just like in regular poker, the hand rankings determine the strength of your hand, with a pair of jacks being the lowest and full house is the highest. However, because you’re not competing against other players, the hand you make will determine the payout. The better your hand, the bigger your reward will be.

Each video poker machine contains software that chooses numbers at random every time you press play. These numbers will correspond to cards, affecting the cards that you’re dealt. The software is designed to be random and completely fair, but it does give a slight advantage to the casino. You can check this advantage by looking at the return to player (RTP) rate. Most video poker machines have an RTP rate of around 99%, and you can check this in the game information.

It’s always best to choose the video poker machine with the higher RTP rate, as this means you can expect to win back more over a long period of time. Some versions of video poker may have different rules or features that affect the RTP rate in a different way, so you should check these before you play.

Strategies to Win at Video Poker

Even though the cards you’re dealt are random, you can influence your chances of success by making the right decisions. Just like online poker, there are strategies you can use to get the most out of the cards you’re dealt and win more consistently.

Aside from choosing the right video poker machine, making the right decisions during the game will affect your level of success. The best way to ensure you follow the correct strategy is to consult a video poker strategy chart as you play.

These charts will show you the best possible hands, and you look at each line in turn to see if you have any of those cards. Always hold the cards that match with the top line, as you want to aim for the best possible hand. If you don’t have any of the cards in the top line, work your way down the chart until you find the cards that you have.

Make sure that you use a strategy chart that applies to the version of video poker that you’re playing. Jacks or Better has slightly different rules to Deuces Wild, for example, so it’s important to use the correct strategy chart. Lastly, don’t be afraid to break up a low winning hand such as a pair if you have a chance of winning a higher winning hand. It may seem like you’re losing money, but mathematically speaking, you’ll always be better off going for the biggest possible win.

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