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Should states ban betting on horse racing?

US horse racing

Horse Racing is a highly popular segment of every gambling platform in the United States. In fact, this sport has been active since the early 1600s, and given the fact that so many casinos have been established today, people now have the opportunity to make bets online. As of today, the market is valued at nearly 3 billion dollars and experts are predicting that this number will increase in the near future. However, there have been major concerns among punters and casinos as well since lawmakers are seriously considering banning betting on horse racing.

The exact reasons for this decision are not clear, but the majority of people believe that it has to do with the belief that horse racing is a cruel act toward horses. Nowadays more and more people are getting engaged in activities intended for defending animal rights, so one of their suggestions was to ban or remove horse racing from the state constitution. However, this process is not as simple as it might seem at first glance since horse racing draws a decent revenue every year. Hence, it will be difficult for officials to make such a serious decision!

Is It Legal To Bet On Horse Racing In The USA?

Even though horse racing is considered a gambling activity, according to U.S federal law it is completely different from other types of sports betting. Given the fact that there are different laws in each state here, we have to say that not every one of them allows betting on horse racing.  However, in those states where this activity is not legal, people have the possibility to use off-shore websites in order to bet online.

The main state that helped legalization of horse racing and other gambling activities, in general, is New Jersey. So, every citizen should thank this state since it helped to significantly increase the value of the gambling industry, and as of today, there are tons of regulated horse racing websites here where you can provide bets.

Other prominent states where horse racing is legal are Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, West Virginia, and New York, among others. Players have the opportunity to gamble in both land-based and online casinos. However, keep in mind that there are several states where horse racing bets and gambling, in general, are completely prohibited.

They are not particularly against horse racing, the thing is that overall gambling activities are illegal in these places. However, there have been pretty active movements of people who think that horse racing should be completely banned since it features cruelty toward animals.

Prospects of Horse Racing In The USA

Experts are strongly hoping that the situation will not change and horse racing won’t be banned in the USA. The main reason behind their predictions is that this activity has a highly positive effect on the overall economy and currently, the market is valued at more than 3 billion dollars. However, one thing is clear, the battle for the legalization of horse racing is between states and the entire country will not be affected too badly.

The protesters are stating that the USA has both a moral and financial obligation to entirely prohibit horse racing. The initial objective of this activity was to help the state generate revenue but times have changed and they think that any kind of sport that includes animal fighting should be banned.

They address this issue from an economic and financial standpoint since this way the state will avoid having cash flow problems. What’s more, an alternative way for horse racing lovers would be to create their own facilities separate from the state and manage revenues and expenses on their own. However, officials have not made any decision yet and horse racing is still a legal activity in the majority of USA states. It is highly unlikely that every state will ban horse racing since it is still a decent income for their economy!

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