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Types of Online Slot Games

There’s a lot of fun to be had with online casinos, whether you play via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. With faster and wider connectivity than ever before, we can access a whole host of casino games on the move, whenever we want.

Most people recognise slots as the staple of big, brassy US casinos. Going online has allowed the industry to make more complex games, however, and there’s still the chance to win big money with many products.

Here’s a quick rundown of the slot games you’ll find on today.

Three Reel Slots

If you’re any kind of age, this will be the most easily recognisable slot machine with three simple bars that spin randomly. If you’re just starting out with slots, these are a great way to get to know the basics as other games can be a lot more complex.

You’ll learn terms like pay-line and pay-table for a start. What do they mean? The pay-line is usually the central reel and what you match to this generally decides whether you win or lose and how much. The pay-table is what combinations get you the best wins.

In simple slots, you have just one pay-line and very few pay-tables. In many online slot games today, there are usually multiple ones. That’s why it’s always important to have a practice before you start playing any game.

Five Reel Slots

These are called video slots on some sites and they’re a greater challenge but usually have bigger payouts. As you might expect, you have five reels and they can have up to a hundred different pay-lines.

There’s much greater variety in these kinds of games and they can be difficult to master. They also come with added extras such as wilds or jokers that you’re able to substitute for other symbols on the reel. You might also get scatter symbols that unlock different keys or payout because they are specifically related to the brand of the game.

3D Reel Slots

With advent of digital online casinos, slot machines have become really diverse in their graphics. The 3D reel slot has characters that interact during the game and there’s generally a story that goes with the product. This makes these kinds of games appealing to a whole new audience who are looking for entertaining graphics as well as the chance to win money.


This is a newcomer to the slots market and basically puts the player in control of the narrative and the way the game is played. They usually involve a lot of bonus rounds as well as options to advance the game quicker.

Finally, many games nowadays will have features embedded into them. That means the chance to earn bonus rounds or spins, for example, as well features such as collapsing stacks where new symbols suddenly descend from above and replace existing ones. You’ll also find products that have cumulative jackpots where the amount builds and builds until someone online actually wins it.

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