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The Legality of online gambling in the US

Traditional gambling has been around for centuries, it is a way of creating a level of adrenaline and fun time with your friends and at the end of it all you can come out with a profit. Obviously, everything has to be taken into moderation and this is one of them too. Traditional gambling is something of the past now because a lot of people who are not true the art will pick convenience over traditional gambling. The ability to play at home is something that a lot of people were waiting for and now there are a plethora of sites to choose from. For some people to reach a casino one has drive 2 hours to reach the casino and 2 hours back and in total that is 4 hours travel time, so the ability to play at home would be ideal.

There are only a few states that allow online gambling in the US and the rest are all strict and ready to take down any site that is about iGaming. In 1992 the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act or PASPA for short banned sports gambling because they wanted to save the ‘integrity of the sport’ but recently, they have lifted this act which has changed the face of sports gambling in the US. Even with regards for the US government if they are able to tax and regulate this type of gambling than the US will also come out with a profit.

When it comes to online gambling, if someone outside of certain states is starting up an iGaming site this is considered as a federal offence and if broken you will be taken to court and given a hefty fine. If you are an American trying to play on iGaming sites, either the site does not allow you to make any transactions or the bank will cancel any transactions going to the foreign domain.

What can Americans do?

If you are an American player what you can do is this. First, find an offshore site that accommodates for American players. A very good poker site which has the best offers and unique experiences on the market right now is Americas Cardroom. Here you can find one of the best experiences which accommodates all player from America and around the world.

Every site caters for different needs and has different games, so obviously it is always best if you do some research before starting up a wallet. Do some research on the different sites that are available for US players and find sites that specifically accommodate your needs and wants. It is always best to choose a site that has a vast majority of games from which you can choose from because if you get bored from one type of game you might want to change

After you should set up a VPN so you will have two layers of protection. After setting up a VPN, most online gaming sites which accommodate for US players use crypto-currency because crypto-currency works on a decentralised mode of transactions and therefore it is untraceable. When you have done this, find the best site for you and open an online wallet with them.


In conclusion online gambling is illegal in most states so people would have to travel long distances if they wish to play, alternatively, they can work around this problem and employ the two-fold method of having a VPN and also setting up a crypt-wallet so that you will be surely secured. Obviously always try and choose a site that will fit your needs perfectly so you don’t have to change from site to site if you get bored, so having a wider option is the smarter option. And finally, always remember that everything is enjoyable in moderation!

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