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The State of Bingo in the UK: Statistics

UK Bingo

COVID-19 has hurt industries all around the world. However, a handful of industries have benefited financially from the effects of the virus. Online bingo operators have shown significant financial growth due to the increasing amount of people staying at home.

This game has been written off many times in the past, as people doubt its ability to stay trendy. But as the years go by, online bingo keeps defying the odds by continuing to show significant gains year after year.

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We’re going to have a brief look into the UK online bingo industry and see which upcoming trends will carve out the image of the industry in the coming years.

A Billion £ Industry

According to data, the entire UK bingo industry – including both online and offline operators – reported a gross gambling yield of £910 million between April 2019 and May 2020. The majority of this money was generated by live bingo, however, there is a strong indication that online bingo will soon draw level with live bingo, or even one day surpass it. After studying the numbers in finer detail, retail bingo establishments recorded a GGY of 5.7% less than the year before, whereas online bingo showed an improvement of 0.9%, as it achieved a GGY of £274.1 million.

Driving Factors

One of the driving factors behind the GGY report is undoubtedly the effects of COVID-19. The pandemic has made people stay home, socially isolating, rather than going into bingo halls and risking exposure to the virus. This has made people look elsewhere for their gambling needs, and online platforms provide a perfect solution to fill this void.

Online casinos have more than the pandemic to thank, as the rise of social media has also provided a further boost for the industry. Through these apps, you can enjoy free bingo-styled games which have helped to popularise the timeless classic. When players succeed in the free games, they naturally become inquisitive about the prospect of playing, and winning, for real money.

What’s more, online bingo is much more popular with females than males, and especially those who are lower on the socioeconomic ladder. Women in this group are attracted to how easy the gameplay is, and the large sums of cash up for grabs.

Benefit from Technology

As technology improves, there will be many more benefits to playing online bingo. Firstly, the enjoyment levels will improve as developers can be more creative with their online bingo titles, but most importantly, as technology improves, so does the level of security on offer. This has undoubtedly been one of the most important things for the online bingo industry, as players feel much safer knowing that they are gaming on sites that provide the best possible security.

The Future of UK Online Bingo

Bingo’s popularity is expected to grow in the upcoming years, and online bingo looks like it will be the driving force for the industry. Immerging VR technology will be able to replicate the social interaction that you get in bingo halls, meaning that online bingo will soon have another string to its bow.

During COVID-19, people were given an unexpected opportunity to grab a taste of online bingo, and going forward, players will return to bingo halls, but still participate in online bingo, whereas they wouldn’t have done that before.

While you can never say for certain what will happen in the future, online bingo will go from strength to strength judging by the current trend.

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