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Spread Betting

There are many different ways to gamble at mobile betting apps. Various sports and markets ensure a huge variety of choice when deciding how to place your bet.

More than that, there are many different methods of betting too. The most popular one is betting on fixed odds. This includes all outright bets and markets such as ‘winner’.

On top of this, there are some more interesting betting options, including spread betting. Down below, we will explain all about it and why you might be interested in giving it a try.

What is Spread Betting?

Essentially, spread betting involves a range of possible outcomes. A player who places such a bet actually covers more than a few outcomes too.

When participating in a spread betting market, you’ll usually be given a range of numbers. Say, if it’s ‘total goals’, you’ll have to bet whether there will be more or fewer goals than a given number.

If you bet on ‘more than 2.5 goals’, and both teams have scored at least three points collectively, you’ll win. What’s interesting, though, is that the more goals are scored, the more you will win from that bet.

Is Spread Betting for You?

Spread betting can be very exciting and extremely lucrative. Yet at the same time, it could cost you a lot too. So, we recommend it only if you’re fairly confident that your predictions aren’t far off.

You should be knowledgeable in the participating teams, their players, current form, and play style. At the very least, you should have studied recent predictions and analyses online at websites like GoWin.

A single mistake could cost you way more than you expect due to the ‘bet per point’ system. On the other hand, using the same market can bring loads of cash for those who rightfully call themselves experts within their selected markets.

Spread Betting Example

Now, let’s say you’re betting on a football match between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. You’ve selected the ‘Corners in 1st Half’ market.

Your gambling app offers a range of 5-6 corners to be earned. You have two following options:

  • “Sell” these corners if you think that there will be less than 5 of them during the first half
  • “Buy” them if you think there will be more than 6 corners earned by both teams

Once you have selected your side, you’ll need to choose your stake per point. Let’s say you decided to wager £5.

If you decided to buy it and there were eight corners before the half time break, you’d win £10. That’s because you bet £5 per point and the outcome was two points over the offered average range.

On the other hand, if the same match featured no corners before the half time, you’d lose £25. That’s because your prediction was incorrect and the number of corners was five points below the average minimum.

Available Spread Betting Markets

This form of wagering is available on many sports, not just football. For the sake of simplicity, though, we’ll stick to football just now. Here are some examples of the markets that allow you to place spread bets in football:

  • Total Goals
  • Total Corners
  • Total Bookings
  • Total Penalties
  • Goalscorer Shirt Number Total
  • Total Goal Minutes

Bookies get really creative there and use many of these markets in live betting too. It’s not unusual to find hundreds of similar betting opportunities. A sportsbook app will often have some unique markets that aren’t available anywhere else too.

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