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Best betting apps

Some Top Tips for Football Live Betting on Mobile

Some advances in betting technology can be seen as good for both the bookmakers and the punters. Live betting, for example, allows for bookies to drum up extra interest for a sporting event, whether it’s through in-play promotions or simply by providing live markets. At the same time, punters can take advantage of live betting through apps to make a push for profit.

The argument, of course, can be made that someone placing a bet on the game has no influence over the result, regardless if the bet is made before or during the game. While this is true, the live betting experience can still be more beneficial to bettors for a number of different reasons.

Football still perfect for live betting

Of course, the first and arguably most important thing is that you get to judge the way the game is going. Using football as an example, you can pick up fairly quickly into a match whether or not a manager has got the tactics right, whether a weakness will be exploited. Bookmakers do react to the momentum changes in a match, but it doesn’t dramatically change the odds from their initial assessment.

Let’s take an example – Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League, 27th August 2018. Pre-match, United were favourites with Bet365, coming in at 6/4, with Spurs at 21/10 and the draw at 23/10. The match started pretty well for United, but Spurs still looked dangerous and should have had a penalty. Half an hour into the match, United’s odds were largely the same, whereas Spurs drifted out to 12/5. Admittedly, the odds for a draw dropped as the match wore on.  In the end, though, there was a sense that Spurs were getting things together towards the end of the second half. The final result – a three-nil win for Spurs.

Free bet credits to start with Bet365 mobile

On the other hand, there is also a theory about using live betting to bet against your original selection for a guaranteed profit. This will, of course, mean using free bets, like those you can get for joining up through this Bet365 mobile review. The idea is that you take the free bet and match it with another bet, with the latter going against the former to ensure profit.

Again, using the United versus Spurs match as an example, you could place a £20 bet on the match to have under 2.5 goals, with odds of 19/20 offered then use a matched free bet of £20 on the match to have over 2.5 goals at 17/20 (pre-match), meaning a profit of £17 or £19 is guaranteed. If you want, you could wait a little while until after kick-off to get a bigger price. However, you obviously run the risk of an early goal. There is nothing untoward or unethical about doing this, you are simply making the most of the promotions that the bookmaker has offered.

Patience the key to live betting

Overall, there is one discipline that should be applied to live betting – patience. It’s almost impossible to not have some sort of emotional attachment to a game, especially if there is money on it. But having a cool ahead, to make an unbiased judgment about what you are seeing is important for successful betting. Using a reliable mobile app is also key, as you don’t want to be ready to place a bet only to see all markets have been suspended. The right app, the right timing, and the right match – you’re good to go.

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