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Super 6 app review

What would you do with £250,000? Well that’s is a nice dilemma you can think about while you download the Sky Soccer Saturday Super 6 app! This free to play, free to download app gives you the chance to win a massive 250k every weekend of the football season, just for guessing 6 right results!

Let’s be honest, Sky do some great things! They give us the best coverage of football, the best pundits and for some time, they have been giving us the chance to win free money with a promotion they do each week called Soccer Saturday Super 6. How do you play? Well it is easy. Soccer Saturday give you 6 games and you just have to chose what you think will be the final results for the games. That is all there is to it. It is so easy to play, launch the app, log in, go to the games, select your scores and submit. That is it!

You need to have a Sky account which you can create for free here – It takes a few seconds to sign up and you don’t need any card details to play. It is well worth doing I can promise you, after all, it is free!

Super 6 on your mobile app

You can play online (normal website) here – or if you prefer on your mobile or tablet. There is a great Soccer Saturday super 6 app available for nearly all phones.

If you use and Android mobile or tablet, you can get the app from in Google play

If you use an iPhone or an iPad or iPad, the app can be downloaded from iTunes
For everyone else (Blackberry or Windows mobile) use the mobile site which is available by going to
The app let’s you not only place your predictions, but see your previous predictions, points and of course results. You can view leader boards and also see what the pundits pick and how they are fairing with their results too. Sky do vary the matches each week so don’t just expect Premier league games. They also throw in lower league clashes as well.

Super 6 app on Google Play Super 6 app on iTunes

I follow Super 6 on Twitter as well which you can do here – Soccer Saturday super 6 on Twitter for all the results and some great tips and news. They tell you when the next round goes lives as well which is handy as I sometimes forget to check when it’s changed to the next weeks games.
The super 6 app from Sky is free to play. It costs nothing, nada, zilch! Do I need to say that again? Free to play! What are you waiting for? Download the app and try and win up to £250,000 (imagine the holiday, house and car you could buy with that)

How to play Soccer Saturday Super 6

It is the number 1, free football prediction game so that speaks for itself! Enter for free each week and you could win up to £250,000 in each round during the whole of the season. Create your account at log in using your new details, click on play now, choose your scores for the 6 games and press submit. That is it! If you can’t win the full amount, you can just beat everyone else by accumulating the most round points and you could win the £5,000 weekly prize. You can also play against some of the Sky sports pundits including Jeff Stelling and the Soccer Saturday presenters each week.

Game and app features

  • Enter/view/edit your predictions
  • Check league table
  • Create and join Private Leagues
  • View previous round results
  • View your in-play progress
  • See what results the Sky Pundits are predicting
  • Bet seamlessly on your Super 6 predictions
  • Share your predictions with your friends

Super 6 app review
Can you win? I wouldn’t play if you couldn’t, not that it costs anything anyway! Have a look of this video of a guy who won £100,000 playing super 6! He is only the 2nd full jackpot winner in history, but well done to him! There is also this lucky chap who won £250,000 for free on Sky’s Soccer Saturday Super 6!

So far this season (as of February 2017) the Super 6 jackpot has now been won FIVE times already! ? That’s £1.25m given away….for FREE by Sky! What are you waiting for!

Super 6 from Sky

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