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Should You Choose a Specialist Gambling App?

One of the most crucial decisions that a punter can make has always been who to bet with, a conundrum possibly even more important than who to bet on. Sites like this will always set out the case for the best betting and casino apps, but another question should be addressed – should you choose a specialist app or an all-in-one?

First of all, an explanation. Most of the big-name sports betting brands – bet365 mobile, Paddy Power, William Hill, and so on – cover all possible bases for gambling. You have, of course, the sportsbook, but they will also cover casino, bingo, and, in some cases, poker.

Most of us are happy with the one provider for everything, especially if there is a sense of familiarity with the app or website. Seamlessly changing from one area of the site, say from sports to casino, is also desirable when it can be managed under the same account.

Loyalty to the same brand can cost punters

But is there a case to be made for having separate apps for each genre of online gambling? Most of us simply stick with the same provider, without giving a thought to shopping around. Bookmakers are supposed to be a ‘frenemy’ to punters, but blind brand loyalty does still exist in the betting industry.

But one can make several arguments for operating separate gambling apps with different providers. First of all, it gives you a bit more variety, allowing you to experience different games (sites will have licensing agreements with specific software developers for all types of gambling, so they can sometimes look the same) and betting markets.  But, more importantly, it allows you to reap the benefits of different promos and bonuses from each provider.

Bingo sign-up bonuses can trump casino and sports

You should possibly look beyond simply having a sports betting app and/or casino app too. The latest review of Heart Bingo, for example, shows you how to get a first deposit bonus of up to £50 and get 30 free spins for the online slot Paper Wins. Would you get a better bonus when playing bingo for the first time through your sports betting or casino provider? It’s unlikely.

Traditionally, there isn’t a huge amount of crossover between sports bettors and bingo, but you would be surprised at what you find at some of the top bingo apps. Big jackpots, exciting games (some of which, like Rainbow Riches and Fluffy Favourites, are specifically tailored towards bingo fans), and lucrative promotions all complement the traditional bingo rooms.

Of course, you can do the same for sports, poker, and casino – run four separate apps and take the sign-up bonuses and other promos for each one. But – and this is often overlooked in the world of gambling – having separate apps also gives you ‘room to breathe’. Most of our poor gambling decisions are made in the heat of the moment, i.e. if we lose in one area we might try and chase our losses in another. Having a separate gambling app for each genre encourages patience and, hopefully, smarter placement of bets. It’s certainly worth thinking about.

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