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PokerStars Mobile App: A Review & Guide

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Founded in 2001, PokerStars has been in the game of providing top-tier, online poker games to players around the globe for more than 15 years. That’s pretty much forever in internet years. During this time, PokerStars has evolved into the largest poker site in the world, as 2 out of 3 online poker players log onto the PokerStars website to play their favorite casino-style card games.

You probably don’t know it, but PokerStars could very well be the reason you’re a poker player in the first place. You see, if you’re one of the millions of people who became interested in poker because of the “Moneymaker Effect”, or the superstar rise of Chris Moneymaker from obscurity to the televised World Series Main Event champion, you can thank PokerStars.

Before Moneymaker famously bluffed poker veteran Sam Farha on ESPN en route to the $2.5 million prize, Moneymaker qualified for the 2003 World Series of Poker by way of a $86 satellite tournament on

Naturally, PokerStars has brought its next-generation, gaming experience to the smartphone and tablet space with the stunning PokerStars mobile app, which puts the excitement and challenge of live poker into the palm of your hand. In fact, the PokerStars mobile app delivers the same riveting experience that players loved for years on the website.

Available for both iOS and Android, the PokerStars mobile app is easy to download and set up in a few simple steps. Simply download the app to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Open the app and select the “New to PokerStars? Sign up” option. Enter your email address and Stars ID, which is your username, accept the license agreement, and you’re ready to go! Once you’re in, you can explore all the great content on the PokerStars app or make a deposit with the Mobile Cashier.

The Mobile Cashier option on the PokerStars mobile app makes managing your funds super simple. No one wants to waste time figuring out complicated transactions when there’s poker to play, and with the Mobile Cashier, you won’t have to! You can even deposit real money into your PokerStars bankroll through the Mobile Cashier.

Do you like free money? Of course, you do, and PokerStars has you covered with a $30 of Free Play special offer. When you make your first $20 deposit into your PokerStars account, enter the bonus code “THIRTY” to claim $30 of free play. It’s just like magically turning a $20 bill into a $50 bill, and it’s just one of many special offers PokerStars awards to players year-round.

The coolest feature of the PokerStars mobile app, however, is quick seating with its “Play Now” button. Imagine if you could pick up your phone, hit speed dial and get immediately connected to millions of poker players and amazing tournaments. That’s exactly what the “Play Now” button does! It’s your doorway to instant play of your favorite poker games. Finally, no more waiting around to get together with your poker buddies on Friday night.

Have you ever had problems while using an app or website only to find there was no one around to help? That doesn’t happen at PokerStars.

If you ever run into an issue with the PokerStars app or have a question, the award-winning support team is available 24/7 at the click of a button to provide first-class customer care. There’s also a detailed FAQ where you can quickly and easily access information.

The PokerStars brand has long been the best-in-breed of online poker sites by offering players awesome poker experiences and customer support. This tradition of excellence extends to the PokerStars mobile experience. The ease of setup, wide variety of games and special offers make the PokerStars mobile app a must-have for any poker player

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