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In the past ten years, Google and Apple have been doing everything possible to limit the number of casino apps published on their platforms. Google first banned real money apps in 2013. Apple introduced an even stricter ban by removing non-money gambling apps made by individual developers.

Still, neither of the giant companies has been able to stop the explosion of casino apps. From slots to poker, blackjack to roulette, apps related to online gambling is constantly rising in popularity. So, why is everyone suddenly interested in mobile casino apps?

Plenty of Simulated Gambling Apps

Both Google and Apple are yet to completely wipe out free casino apps. On the Google Play Store, there are hundreds of non-money apps for all types of casino games. The same applies to iTunes although casino apps on Apple must be from verified companies.

Players that love slots are spoilt for choice. From classic slots simulations to modern video slots, jackpots to Slingo games—it’s hard not to find a good slots app. When it comes to table games, developers have flooded app stores with single-game apps and multi-game apps to suit different players.

Blackjack players, for example, can choose between blackjack only apps or install apps that also provide roulette and Baccarat. Top developers choose to combine different games so that you find mobile video poker, roulette, blackjack, and others on the same platform.

Apps are now easier to Access

Gone are the days when you could only access online casino games on desktop and laptop computers. Most modern gaming sites are mobile-friendly. Many of the sites also have apps you could download and access whenever you go. You can find a list of the best mobile casino apps in the UK on

And compared to your laptop, a mobile app is much more convenient. You may carry your laptop while on a vacation, but you can hardly carry it outside of your hotel room. On the other hand, mobile apps can be accessed anywhere as long as you have your smartphone with you.

The main reason, however, why players find apps to be convenient is because they’ve become really good. A few years ago, the most mobile-friendly casino app only supported a limited variety of games. These days, mobile apps perform nearly the same as their desktop versions. Any game you can play on your laptop can also be played on a smartphone.

The Growth of Online Gambling

While online casinos have been around for more than 20 years, it was not until the beginning of this decade that most countries legalized the industry. Gambling in Spain has increased dramatically, as it has in Germany, Italy, and the USA; most countries only made positive strides toward allowing online gambling this decade.

This also happened at the same time when the smartphone industry was taking shape. Prior to 2013, more people use desktops and laptops than iPhone and android device users. Things have since changed and 65% of Internet users now prefer smartphones over desktop computers.

Apps Come with Special Benefits

Compared to casino sites, mobile players receive unique bonuses their website counterparts don’t receive. When it comes to bonuses, for example, app players tend to receive customized bonuses. It’s the nature of apps that make them easier to personalize for users compared to sites.

While casinos have always been creative in rewarding different kinds of players, mobile casino apps make it even easier to reward individual players. Mobile apps collect loads of data that they send to the casinos. The companies can then analyze your data, view what you like, and hate before giving you appropriate bonuses.

Apps also tend to load faster and display games better than many web-based mobile casinos. Of course, the differences are negligible. Still, playing casino games on an app produces a better user experience than on the web. Again, this also depends on how well built the app is compared to web-based apps.

Mobile Apps are Interactive

Smartphones allow you to interact with games in a manner desktops don’t. Some slots, for example, let you shake your phone as a way of initiating the game. For table games, you just need to tap icons or drag chips from one place to the other.

While apps are not as interactive as handling cards in real life, they simulate card shuffling and playing better with the aid of mobile device controls. Most casino players love the entertainment aspect of gambling games anyway. And smartphones bring entertainment closer to the players than desktops and laptops.

Hollywood and Video Game Acceptance

Hollywood’s public affection for casinos is no longer a secret. From James Bond playing Baccarat and HOLD’EM in most movies to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck sharing photos gambling in Vegas—the TV industry is proving that there’s nothing wrong with gambling.

The video game industry has also been showing support for casinos in unique ways. Games like Red Dead Redemption II, which was highly popular last, feature gambling mini-games within them. The Grand Theft Auto series actually had complete virtual casinos within them.

Online, YouTube musicians, Instagram influencers, and bloggers have been vocal about their support for different online casino games. Even professional video game streamers have been embracing casino games lately. It’s not unusual to find popular streamers streaming online casino related content for fun.

In Conclusion

Mobile casino apps are highly popular these days. At some point, the apps became so popular than both Apple and Google made unpopular decisions to limit their development. Still, this didn’t stop the growth of the industry.

Online casinos still have mobile apps. They may not be accessible on play stores but players can easily find these apps on the casinos’ official sites. People who love casino gambling but hate the aspect of losing money also have lots of options with free apps.

Both Google and Apple allow non-money gambling apps to be published on their platforms. If you don’t want to lose money gambling or you would want to learn how to play casino games, get free apps first. Once you learn how to play, consider trying your luck playing on real money apps.

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