Best betting apps
Best betting apps

How to get better at Betting

In spite of what people say about betting, it’s a legitimate method of making money. It’s a high-risk investment. But play your cards properly and there is a chance of making a lot of money wagering on sports.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Were it easy, millionaires would pour all their money into betting. But no, it’s the average folk looking to make extra cash that wager. If you also gamble on your free time, here is how to improve your skills.

Find High-Value Odds

How many times have you heard people say, “This is an easy game” or “This is easy money?” And true, many matches between world-class teams against lower league teams end with wins for the favorites. Accumulator punters, in particular, love low-risk games. There is a high chance of winning their bets.

As a punter that want to win more money in betting, and not necessarily more bets, choose value odds over easy games. Value odds offer means more profits for you. Not every game features high-value odds but it’s easy to spot such games.

The secret for identifying high-value odds is to understand how bookmakers set odds. Like sports fans, bookmakers look at underdogs and give them better odds than favorites. In sports like boxing and eSports, betting apps follow the hype all the time.

The only difference between bookmakers and most punters is that bookies are better at analyzing games. While they favor better teams and players they sometimes underrate opponents. This is where you come in. Find wagers with high-value odds and have high chances of happening.

Be Selective

One of the best perks of online betting is that you’re treated to hundreds of games every day. You could bet on almost anything under the sun. But the vast variety of wagers and games can be your leverage or your downfall depending on how you use it.

If your goal is to maximize profits, choose fewer games with high-value odds. Dedicate at least thirty minutes to searching good odds. Shop around from one bookmaker to another until you spot wagers promising great returns and have high chances of happening.

Depending on your bankroll, you could settle on betting between 2-5 games per day. For most people, even two wagers per day are enough if they can help double their bets. If you have sports you’re an expert at, prefer them to sports you barely know anything about.

Also, narrow down to specific leagues and particular kinds of wagers. Let’s say you choose European football. Choose the Premier League, La Liga or a combination of several of the top leagues. Decide whether to bet to league games or even minor trophy games.

Specialization is the best way to become an expert at something. And if you can become an authoritative specialist in anything related to betting, then you shouldn’t have problems predicting and winning money through betting.

Leverage Bonuses and Free Bets

Once in a while, a bookmaker will invite you to accept a free bet on the condition you meet preset requirements. It could be that you create an account on the site or wager on a particular game. If the terms are convenient, always accept the bonus.

Online casinos that also provide sportsbook services tend to have the best betting bonus offers. They offer free spins for casino game players and huge rewards for sports punters. Whatever the size of the bonus, use it to your advantage.

Any wins you get from free bets remain yours. If you win €500 from free bets, it’s your money in the end. You may have to meet certain wagering requirements but the money won helps increase your profit margins.

Learn Betting Strategies

Sports betting fall under the online gaming industry. And like anything related to gaming, good strategies can help you win. Betting strategies like arbitrage, accumulators, chasing steam when you’re or a winning streak and matched betting all possess their pros and cons.

Arbitrage betting involves wagers where betting on either team or player leads to a profit. Let’s say you find a good tennis game between archrivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both players have impressive records against each other.

To be precise, let’s assume Roger has odds 2.20 to win the game. His Spanish counterpart has odds 2.10 on a different bookie site. If you back each player with €100 bets, you’ll keep at least €10 in the end. If the Swiss player wins, you win €20. If Nadal wins, you get €10.

Accumulators are easier to find. They involve combining four or more wagers into one. Most players find teams with the highest chances of winning and group them for an accumulator bet. While this means the chances of winning are high, the value received in return is low.

Always keep your Records

In sports betting, information is everything. The more data you have about games, strategies, and income, the better you’re likely to become as a player. Keep all your records about the games you’ve chosen in the past. A new season will come and the data could help you form patterns in teams you’ve supported in the past.

In addition to helping you use past data for future games, keeping data helps keep track of your profits and losses. If you have more losses than wins, you can easily identify the kinds of wagers that lead to losses and what you’re good at.

Keep your records in the long term and not just for a short period of time. Within five years, you’ll have massive libraries of data that could help you prevent betting mistakes frequently.

In Conclusion

Betting is a science and having the right information can help increase your wins. Start by conceptualizing the idea of good value odds. Forget about betting on teams that will give you easy money. Instead, analyze teams based on how much value they give you back.

Learn several betting strategies and settle on a few of them. Strive to specialize in one area of betting and become an expert. You’ll easily start to turn losses into profits.

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