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How To Check Bookmakers Offers

Bookmakers Offers

When considering a sports bet, you have plenty of options in terms of online bookmakers.  Which one you decide to use will be based on several factors, such as the value of the odds and choice of betting markets.  However, one thing you should always consider before joining an online bookmaker is the offers they have available.

Due to the high number of online bookmakers, it has become standard practice for most to create a promotion.  This is used as a way to tempt you to join that bookmaker but it is also a good way for you to get a special deal. It is always worth shopping around and claiming several bookmakers offers so you can get maximum returns from your bets.

You might feel loyal to a specific bookmaker but that should not stop you from joining others, even if it is just to take advantage of a great offer.

There are different ways a bookmaker will create an offer but one of the most popular is a matched bet.  This is when you can bet an amount of money and the bookmaker will give you the same amount back as a bet.  The amount you can receive will be limited but is often £100 or more and that’s a great way to start at a new online bookmaker.

As with any bookmaker offer, you must always read the small print.  This is one of the major things you must look for when checking out bookmaker offers as they tend to specify a minimum amount.  You do not want to feel excited about receiving a matched bet offer only to find you have not bet the required minimum amount to qualify for the offer.

In addition, some bookmakers will not accept your bet as valid when using certain deposit methods.  This applies to all types of bookmaker offers, so keep that in mind before you deposit cash.

Another top online bookmaker offer comes in the form of a free bet.  Usually, you will need to bet a small amount of money, such as £10 and in doing so you will be awarded a free bet up to a specified amount.  In many cases, if the free bet is over £10, such as £30 for example, this will be split into three bets of £10 each.

If you know you want to place a bet, a free bet offer is good because you are essentially getting extra bets without having to pay a penny.  So, rather than being tempted by the offer despite not wanting to place a bet, as you know you are already going to bet, it makes sense to do so using a promotion such as this.

Top bookmakers who offer promotions such as those above include Betfair, BetFred, bet365 on their app, and Betway.  As previously mentioned, always check the full details of the offer before you begin, as there may be qualifying amounts you need to reach, a deposit method you need to use, or a promo code that’s required.

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