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How Betting Apps Look After Your Data

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For many years, fears of a surveillance state have swept through the population. George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ paved the way for shows like Big Brother to highlight how we’re always being watched, and this has made people wary of data being collected about them – rightly so in many cases.

Nevertheless, this has become more of an issue in recent years because it’s no longer limited to CCTV cameras outside of shops, but rather anything we download and use on our increasingly advanced smartphones.

People are now concerned about the data being collected about them when they log in to apps like Facebook and Instagram, and you only have to look at tailored adverts to know how easy it is to be profiled. In fact, a recent study revealed that almost 90% of apps were designed to transfer information back to Google.

But what about betting apps? Of course, all apps will collect data in some form. Although this kind of data collection is likely to have a purpose and be innocent in nature for the most part, it’s certainly worth thinking about what we’re handing over when we log in.

Why Do Betting Companies Collect Data?

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By law, betting companies can only collect personal data when there is a legitimate reason to do so. The issue with this is that it’s a bit ambiguous so, as you’d expect, loose reasons are often found. At the core of it, however, betting companies want to know who you are, whether you’re legally allowed to use their service if you’ve opened previous accounts, what risk you pose, how they can keep you betting, and so on.

What Data Do Betting Apps Collect?

Betting apps collect a wide variety of data when you log in and place sports bets, play live roulette, check current odds, or even make a deposit or withdrawal:

  • IP address and location
  • Cookies
  • Clicks
  • Time spent logged in
  • Duplicate accounts
  • Betting stakes
  • Betting trends
  • Banking transactions

All the above examples can be shoehorned into the definition of a legitimate reason for data collection. However, betting apps generally want to know that you’re allowed to bet with them, that you’re not tricking them in any way, and to find ways to advertise to you further down the line.

How Do Betting Apps Look After Data?

Even if you’re someone that doesn’t mind having bits of data collected about you when you log in to a betting app, it’s important to know that this data is being looked after properly. If a betting app is legitimate and collecting data in the correct way, then you can have peace of mind that regulations require your data to be safely stored.

For example, if you take a look at your privacy rights at major casinos, you’ll see that you’re entitled to know how your data is used, how long it will be stored, and how you can have it removed from the system.

In most cases, your data will be stored within heavily protected networks that are difficult for others to access and will, therefore, remain confidential. You’ll also find that payment processes are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, and that your data cannot be sold or traded to third parties.

Of course, not all betting apps are created equally so it’s worth playing with a reputable company and having the peace of mind that you’re likely to be protected fairly well.

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