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6 Best Tips for Beginners in ESports Betting

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Competitive gaming is evident even in conventional sports. For the record, sports tournaments can be traced way back 2,000 years ago. It was the Roman Olympics which initiated the betting on athletic competitions. In this day and age, this routine remains uninterrupted.

From chariot races to modern extreme sports, the propensity for sports betting is an extensively acknowledged culture. Betting is like a mano-a-mano among sports spectators. While the athletes compete through their strength and focus, fans engage themselves in laying a wager on the anticipated result of the competition.

World’s Fascination With ESports

This contemporary sport could bring a competing entity into a vast digital arena with other players worldwide. Competition doesn’t stop in the sports fields and courts. It even resumes in the online domains.

Esports contingents enjoy regular premium salaries. For instance, beyond a doubt, DOTA 2 dominates when it comes to the amount of the players’ income. In fact, Johan Sundstein, the top moneymaker in esports, is a Danish Dota 2 player. He has been into 117 total game tournaments, collecting a total of $6.9m as a money prize.

Betting in Esports

By 2020, esports is expected to be worth $1 billion. Alongside NFL (National Football League) and NBA (National Basketball Association), Esports presses on with snatching audiences from long-standing traditional sports.

It’s essential for raw recruits in esports betting to pay regards to the groundworks and rulings in sports betting online. To be successful in your betting venture, check out the six tips you should give thought to as you set foot in the realm of esports.

Disregard Your Favorites

In any sport, we always have our favorites. Esports players are like celebrities in the industry. Many would become stans of big names in esports. An esports enthusiast is far comparatively different from a sports bettor. Overestimating your favorite team could negatively affect your precision in predicting the results.

While you are uncertain of the results, identity-based biases must be dismissed. Being overly confident in your judgment could result in the wrong decision.

Moreover, esports have favorites and underdogs in every tournament. It goes the same with traditional sports. When a team doesn’t get enough public praise, expectedly, there would be a significant gap between the chance of winning against the favorite team. Betting on the winning team could be a significant loss if they fail to win as expected.

Concentrate in One Esport

Betting is a leisure pursuit for most esports fans. Being a follower of multiple sports indeed makes you a premium esports enthusiast. However, it could be quite tasking if you want to keep tabs on more than one esport. You can’t always be sure in betting, but you’re most likely to succeed if you pay attention to what suits your interest most.

Choose a Well-Reviewed Betting Site

If you want esports betting as a serious hobby, you should earnestly choose a betting site to trust. The arena will be online, so you’ll have to dedicate your time to browse the web. Of course, you have to look if a sportsbook offers bets for your preferred game.

You can also compare each site in terms of the odds they proffer in the same esport. Pick one that suggests a more significant gain for you. Needless to say, you have to check up on their special license for operation. Many would offer large numbers but make sure to check their legitimacy on top of all.

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Establish a Target Gain

Obviously, a responsible bettor will set a profit target before engaging in the activity. In any type of betting, you are laying your wager based on your personal speculations. A winning streak doesn’t promise you consistent luck. You have to at least save your budget and sustain financial security outside of the betting arena.

Track Your Betting History

With a complete record of your betting activities, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your future undertakings. Your betting history consists of your winning and losing patterns. This detail could help you come up with better result speculation on the next game.

Pen and paper are still used nowadays, but bet trackers operated in Excel are time-efficient and explicit. The latter projects clear-cut statistics and a prospect of winning in your next bet.

Have a Good Time

Esports betting can be considered as a modern investment. Though this comprises money, you should not forget that betting is not all about high stakes. It is also an escape from negative emotions.

There could be a variety of reasons, aside from reaping financial rewards. You can do it for the thrill or sense of excitement. On top of everything else, you’re always winning if you choose happiness.


The betting rates stand parallel to the value of the Esports industry. The business grows partly because of betting. Aside from this, esports is ahead of its time, which means it still has a long way to go. The succeeding years would be a series of movements in esports with betting next to it.

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