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Different Poker Tournament types

Poker tournament

The game of poker is so vast, not only are there multiple ways to play and win, but there are all sorts of tournament varieties. If you want to head to a poker tournament or play online poker for real money you might want to read on first to find out what to expect in certain tournaments.

Freeze-out Tournament

This type of tournament is one of the most common you can come across and probably what springs to mind when you think of a Poker tournament. Once you have paid your buy-in with the amount stated you are given a set amount of chips. You play until you win or run out, you cannot rebuy into the tournament.

Multi-buy tournament

As the name would suggest, Multi-buy in Poker tournaments are when you buy-in to the tournament more than once. By buying in multiple times, you have multiple stacks to play with, resembling multiple players but it’s only you behind the play. This will increase your chances of winning but once all the stacks you have are gone, you’re out.

Rebuy tournament

These are the types of tournaments where you need to learn control. Your initial buy-in is just the beginning, during certain periods of the tournament there will be rebuy stages where you can purchase more chips. During these periods it’s wise to know when enough is enough. After the rebuy period is up, the tournament turns into a freeze-out where once your chips are gone, you’re out.

Freeroll tournament

One of the most popular types of tournaments especially for players who are new to the poker scene are the Freerolls. Free to enter and including all sorts of poker game types, you can play for cash as well as other prizes regularly without having to put up any cash to enter.

Guaranteed tournament

This type of tournament focuses on the prize money. No matter how few people are in the tournament there will always be a minimum prize money amount in a guaranteed tournament. A great way to improve your game and practise over and over with the hopes of also increasing your bank balance.

Satellite tournaments

The best way to enter the tournaments you can’t afford to buy-in for is a satellite tournament. By playing via satellite, if you win, you get the chance to buy-in to the next tournament at a fraction of the price.

Bounty tournaments

A brutal type of tournament if you’re not so great at bluffing, not only are you knocked out but your opponent wins money for knocking you out. There is a bounty placed on each player’s head and for knocking them out you collect that bounty which can be anywhere between 20-50 per cent of their buy-in.

Turbo Tournaments

In a Turbo tournament the focus is on the speed in which blinds are placed by players. Usually in a game a blind will be put down every 15 minutes or so, whereas in turbo tournaments it’s roughly every five minutes. The acceleration of blinds causes people to become hastened when betting and rushes their decisions.You need to keep cool, calm and collected to win these tournaments.

Deep Stack tournaments

Deep stack tournament types are perfect for those looking to spend a lot of time at the table. By giving the players more to play with, blinds tend to remain the same for longer – a favourite for some players.

Timed poker tournaments

As you would expect, the timed poker tournaments are restrictive on time meaning that you have less opportunities to build on your stack. Once the time is up, the prize is divided among the remaining players with the largest stack – making it crucial to win as many chips as you can.


For live poker tournaments the shootouts are the most common. The game continues until there is one person left, then all the winners from various tables face each other in a final game. At the end of the final game, the winner takes all.

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