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The online betting industry has grown considerably over the last decade however it can be confusing, especially to beginners because there are so many available. This is why it’s always  important to distinguish what operators offer it’s players, so be sure to check this list of newly licensed uk bookmakers to research before choosing an online bookmaker.

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The Website’s Appearance

It is true that we can’t judge a book by its cover, however the first time you search for online bookmakers, the first thing you will see is the design of website. Usually, we choose a professional looking website, but this does not always guarantee that it is a legit bookmaker.

To attract new customers, hundreds of bookmakers that create online promotions to entice new customers to join, so, it isn’t always easy to find truthful information that can help to distinguish the good ones from the bad, because a websites appearance alone is not enough.

The ideal websites appearance will be easy to navigate, simple to use with a user-friendly layout. Modern day security technology ensures the privacy and safety of customers’ transactions is of paramount importance, but be sure you read all the terms, the applied conditions, and the regulations as these differ depending on where you are in the world. If you are a beginner, you might find useful help sections with comprehensive and quality guides on various sports and games which offer insight into how to gamble correctly. The website should provide all the information that you need to feel comfortable, including customer support in the event of a query or technical difficulties.


You want to make sure the bookmaker is legal within your country, which is often apparent when the site geolocates your position, for example if you were to try to gamble on a site within the US, your internet browser should alert you that you’re outside of the acceptable grounds to play. The license that is authorized by the legal jurisdiction is also important to a sites credibility.

Customer Service

Customer service is important to people who want to join both a sportsbook because it is the place where new players can ask questions about the rules and features of the site. A lot of online operators also offer dedicated apps that players can use with simple features that can be accessed via such as telephone or live chat. Ideally Customer service representatives that communicate on behalf of the operator should be fluent in the language that you’re playing from, because clear communication is of utmost importance when querying any issues that may arise. Support staff should be efficient and responsive, because the longer the time of response, the worse the player experience will be, which will they be reflected by ratings when it comes time to review that operator. They also must have basic knowledge of betting in general, so it will be easier for them to solve the problem in a short time. They should be able to answer basic questions such as how long they have been in business, in which countries they are licensed, and the minimum deposit needed to open an account. Poor customer service in any field is a major red flag for customers, but this is especially true in the online gambling sector due to the financial implications.

Payment Options

There are a lot of methods to transfer money to and from a bookmaker, and many differences in transaction policies and variable fees according to the bookmaker’s site. Generally, before opening an account, you want to be certain what payment methods they offer, do they cover the major staple credit cards or PayPal?  You can look at the bookmakers list and research for the payment options that they offer whether it is simple or complicated, old-fashioned payment or the newest payment such as crypto as well as the payment timeframes.

Types Of Bets

It’s important to note that bookmakers have many different kinds of bets across different sports, such as horse racing or football where you can back a specific horse or jockey or build an accumulator around a number of key fixture results.

Style Of Play and Limits

Similar to the type of bets offered, be sure the bookmaker will follow your style of play and you’re familiar with the bet size as well as the maximum or minimum the wage. Recreational bettors usually require lower limits and larger bonus offers, while professional bettors need higher limits and opinionated lines. Some bookmakers are familiar with all styles of play, so you just think about your maximum and minimum bets.

Bonuses And Promotions

Always familiarize yourself with the bookmakers and players regulations and rules for the bonus before betting as you need to carefully read about the specific surrounding bonuses with that particular operator. Conditions also applied vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and you should be aware of and understand them before committing to betting. Read the fine print to make sure there are no grey areas and if it is necessary, you can contact the bookie’s customer service to find out further details.


If you are a beginner and want to choose a bookmaker, you should consider all these factors first and certainly never choose the site based on just one aspect such as bonus alone. Take your time to learn about bookmakers and then review the financial, legality, customer service, payment options, kind of bets, style to play and also limits, bonuses, and promotion, in order have a pleasant gambling experience.

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