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Coral Football Jackpot

Coral football jackpot rules

British bookmaker Coral have one of the best and most popular football promotions going. It goes by the name of the Football Jackpot and it is super easy to play and take part in. It is essentially a football coupon and all you need to do is correctly guess the results of 15 games in either home, draw or away win. That is all there is to it! I play it every week religiously and have been close, no cigar just yet but I have it ready to light as soon as I win it! When you can win up to a million pounds, it is definitely worth having a go on! Sounds easy doesn’t it, 15 games, pick 1 result for each game and win. What more could you want! Play now at You do need to be a current Coral account holder but you can register on the site and also benefit from a £20 free bet when you bet £5 too if you are a new customer.

There is a guaranteed minimum of £100,000 to be won each week and every week if it is not won, the jackpot rolls over. Stakes start from as low as 25p per line and go up to £20. A nice touch is that you can do a lucky dip (like the lottery) if you don’t have time to predict results, feeling lazy or just feel in a lucky mood! You can choose just one outcome in each match, although by selecting two or more outcomes gives you a greater chance of winning big. So if you fancy your chances, play now at You can play online and in a Coral shop and it is so easy to play and has the possibility of a great return. Just remember that extra time is not considered part of a match and the result at the end of normal play is taken as the final result.

  • Jackpot Pool (15/15) – Minimum of £100,000.
  • 1st Consolation Dividend (14/15) – Around £50,000
  • 2nd Consolation Dividend (13/15) – Around £15,000

Below is what the Coral football Jackpot app looks like. You can download it direct from Coral by going to – on your phone or tablet. Good news is it will work on Android and iPhone’s and iPad’s.

As you can see above, it is well worth a punt for a £1 each week and who knows, you could win big!

Is there a Coral Football Jackpot app?

At the minute there is no app available for any mobile platform – Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Windows & Blackberry. You can easily access the mobile friendly jackpot website at on your phone or tablet. You can check results and place your predictions, the same as you would online. Hopefully one day Coral will bring an app out if the demand is high enough, which it should be as this is a great promotion from them.

Coral Football Jackpot Results

With result’s being updated all the time, for the latest please see The results page gets updated after every weekend and shows you all the separate results (home/draw/away) and it also tells you the correct results numbers, number of winners and the dividend share of the winnings. Have a look at Corals video below showing a punter using a lucky dip on the Coral pools who won £10,000 from £1.

Previous winners have included a medical worker winning £71,037.40 for just a £1 bet on the pools football jackpot. Then there was a pensioner who won £30,000 and was just one result away from scooping the jackpot. Still 30k is not a bad return at all.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Coral customers aged 18 years or over
  2. Available online, on mobile app and in Coral shops.
  3. The Football Jackpot operates weekly over the standard weekend period which is normally Saturday to Monday inclusive. Coral may also on occasions choose to operate the Pool for midweek fixtures at its discretion, which will be advertised where appropriate.
  4. The unit stake and minimum bet is £1. Permutations are accepted from 25p units upwards.
  5. Free bets cannot be placed on the Football Jackpot online or on mobile.
  6. Customers betting in other currencies will be charged the currency equivalent.
  7. Customers that correctly select the following shall be eligible to receive the corresponding prize:
    • the match result (home win, draw, or away win) of all 15 matches to win a share of the Jackpot Pool; or
    • the match result of any 14 of the 15 matches to win a share of the 1st consolation dividend; or
    • the match result of any 13 of the 15 matches to win a share of the 2nd consolation dividend;
  8. All bets must be placed before the advertised ‘Pool closure’ time, which is the first scheduled kick-off time of the 15 matches on the entry slip. Any entries inadvertently accepted after the Pool has closed will be declared void with stakes refunded
  9. If one or more fixtures are cancelled before the first scheduled KO, the previous rollover is not carried forward and only monies taken that week, will be up for grabs. If for example, 1 fixture is cancelled prior to the first KO and another is cancelled on the Sunday morning, the rollover will still apply.
  10. All matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including any ‘injury time’. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs shall not be included
  11. If a match is abandoned or postponed from its scheduled date or time but is then rescheduled to take place no later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the coupon in chronological order, then provided the match is played to completion at the re-arranged time all selections will stand
  12. Coral at its discretion may choose to underwrite the pool at any time to a minimum guaranteed return to either a single Winner or as a total Jackpot Pool.
  13. For the full terms of the Football Jackpot and how pools betting works click here
  14. The Football Jackpot is promoted and operated by Coral on 15 pre-selected football matches (“Pools”) as advertised and available in Coral Shops and on the Coral website ( (“Coral Website”).

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