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Cheltenham Festival 2021

Cheltenham 2021

Tuesday 16 March heralds the first day of the 2021 Cheltenham Festival, one of the most prestigious horse racing meetings in the UK racing calendar. Over four days, Cheltenham racecourse will host 28 races featuring hundreds of horses all doing their best to be the first past the post.

However, there is likely to be one significant change this year – no visitor attendance. With this in mind, the Online Bookmakers are likely to be throwing New Player Offers at all the races to make up for the lack of physical trackside betting returns. This is a Good Thing for anyone interested in having a few bets on Cheltenham 2021.

Using New Player Offers and Free Tips

If you want to place some bets over the Cheltenham Festival the best place to start is to look for some New Player Offers. These will be given out by various Online Bookmakers to entice you to open up an account with them. Remember though that these same bookies are only interested in you losing as that’s how they make their money. As such, why not play them at their own game? There are no limits to how many Online Bookmaker accounts you can open, and as long as you satisfy the Terms and Conditions attached to each offer, then you could find yourself armed with a hefty bankroll for the festival.

So, free bets are all good but what are you actually going to do with them? Obviously, research is the key for anyone that is even semi-interested in getting some wins in the bag but there are so many so-called “experts” out there that it’s hard to tell which ones are genuine and which are not.

One site that we’ve found handy to use is The site not only has a selection of New Player Offers on the site for you to take advantage of, but also collates some of the most popular tipsters selections for that days racing into one easy-to-read table.

This can certainly help form your opinions. The collated tips are from two types of data. Analytical data from Topspeed and Postdata is determined by using pure results-based mathematics based on the previous results of the horse. Experience data is provided by tipsters who have years of experience analysing how different horses perform under varying conditions.

Both of these are vital to understand when selecting your racing picks for Cheltenham. And happily, both are included in the Daily Free Tips section of – a great way to save you time when forming your betting choices.

Race Course Guides and why to use them

Another plus point to having a look at the site is their Race Course Guide section. Each course is analysed and described, including details on the types and number of fences, the type of ground, and even the way that the course rises and dips. Cheltenham is actually made up of two separate courses that are almost intertwined with each other and the Cheltenham Festival Races will be run over both of them. Both courses are known as left-handed tracks which means the races are run anti-clockwise. Just another factor to consider when making your choices!

So, if it was up to us, this is how we would approach Cheltenham 2021. Use the resources at precise tips to get the Daily Free Tips from both analytical and experienced user data, get yourself accustomed to the two courses that make up Cheltenham, and combine that newfound knowledge with the course conditions and weather on the day.

Then – two more things. We would open up a new Online Bookmaker account for each day of the festival to take advantage of any New Player Offers, and finally, about an hour before the race, use that bookmaker to check the odds. Being able to see the odds movement is the final piece of the jigsaw. If the odds are shortening then more money is being placed on that horse – double-check with the Free Daily Tips and then make your selections.

And if you’re wondering if the Precise Tips mob are any good at what they do? Well, they tipped a 67/1 Double last month on their own @precise_tips Twitter feed. And if that’s not enough, they were kind enough to send us these two screenshots from selections made this week. Seems they know their stuff, so go see how using Free Tips can help you master the Cheltenham Festival 2021.

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