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Cheltenham Betting Tips & Advice

Cheltenham Betting Tips

It’s almost upon us, the ‘Holy Grail’ of steeplechase horse racing, the Cheltenham Festival takes place in Gloucestershire, England every March.

Here hundreds of millions of pounds in betting transactions will take place every day for four days and at the end of it there will be some big losers and some big winners.

Should a string of favourites come good it is likely the punters will be the big winners. In fact, such are the betting markets in 2021, a host of winning favourites is likely to benefit Irish gamblers more than the British ones because in 2021 Irish-trained horses make up the bulk of the short-priced runners.

Of course a fair few of them could get beaten and this would tip the scales in favour of the bookmakers. If the bulk of favourites are turned over then 2021 might see record quarterly profits recorded by Messrs Joe Coral, William Hill, and Patrick Power (AKA Paddy Power) – and there will be extra bubbly at the shareholders AGM!

But no matter what, amongst this wholesale country-wide Cheltenham betting bonanza at least one gambler somewhere will have life-changing results. Thank God I hear you cry.

For the rest of us, away from following the betting market principles, lucky names, and favourite jockeys blindly, sites like give their users free access to expert tipsters Cheltenham betting tips which can help us all improve our chances of at least turning a small profit.

Cheltenham Betting Apps

You can also get ahead of the game by betting through a dedicated betting app. That’s because many betting firms now limit their best sign-up and free bet offers to people betting through mobile devices and exclude desktop and PC users from them.

Secondly the best apps for Cheltenham betting are probably going to prove the best for Cheltenham 2021 betting tips as most leading stables, jockeys, and pundits now double as ambassadors for online bookmakers.

So, while you will not be getting information straight from the horse’s mouth, for the most part breaking news on jockey bookings, workouts, and even blood tests (both good and bad) of the major stables now regularly appear on the latest betting apps before they make their way to established news outlets.

While you have your mobile at hand you can also use it to scan Twitter. Similar to bookmaker blogs, the Twitter feeds of leading owners, most trainers, and even racecourses are a hive of information which can be used to your advantage when making your bets.

Not All Guesswork

At the bottom of this food chain are horse racing tipsters many of whom use complete guesswork to identify winners. However, dedicated organisations which monitor the performance of tipsters selections and record their profit & loss records, have seen a lot of the wheat separated from the chaff and now it is much easier to identify the places to go for the best Cheltenham betting advice.

They will, of course, already use all the information channels available so will remove a lot of the leg work for you.

Ultimately, while there are a lot of variables at work, betting on the Cheltenham Festival is not rocket science and it is not all guesswork. It is a lot of fun and can be financially rewarding but as our friends in the banking sector like to remind us, ‘the value of your investment can go up as well as down’!  Have a great Festival.

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