Betting Promotions 26-05-2020

Bundesliga and the bookies for betting on it

Bundesliga is, at the moment, the only major football competition available for betting. The German national championship resumed to its activities first, and for the moment, all the big betting brands are primarily focused on this league. We will present three big bookmakers (bet365, 888sport, and Betfair)  who offer the best odds for betting on […]

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Sports stadium at night
Free Tips 25-05-2020

Three Great Bets To Place In 2020

There are so many major sporting events to still look forward to in 2020, which is great news for those who like to place bets on them. We have looked through all of the upcoming action and have come up with three bets with good value. Bayer Leverkusen to finish in the top four in Bundesliga (+120) […]

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Casino game
News 22-05-2020

What is the easiest game to play at an online casino?

So, if you’re a bit of a new player then you’ll hands down go for the slots every time. Slots are very beginner-friendly, and all you have to do is spin that wheel and watch the reels go around. There is no skill involved with slot machines and most of the time there’s little to […]

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Project Restart
News 21-05-2020

Premier League Plan ‘Project Restart’ to Complete Season

We all yearn for the return of football, but is The Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’ plan a viable one? Plans to resume the Premier League season have been revealed in a scheme that has been called ‘Project Restart.’ A selection of clubs, including Arsenal, Brighton, and West Ham, has opened up their training grounds. Players […]

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UK horse racing
News 20-05-2020

Ireland’s return to racing means the UK won’t be too far behind

There finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for horse racing fans. After a long period of absence, in which the coronavirus pandemic ensured that practically all sporting events were off the table, racing appears to be close to making a comeback in the UK. It might not be too long […]

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US flag
News 15-05-2020

Key differences between bingo in the UK and US

Whether online or offline, bingo is recognised as one of the world’s most popular games, enjoyed by all kinds of people. The advent of online bingo before the turn of the century has helped to deliver the game to a whole new audience and has seen it effortlessly transition into the digital age. Today, there […]

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Casino slots machines
News 26-04-2020

The Beauty of Online Slots

Gambling has always played a major part in our lives, from our early stages of evolution to the new and modern times. Although this industry has faced certain criticism throughout the years because many people think that it robs people of their money, there’s no doubt that the gambling industry has a very good side, […]

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Deposit bonus
Betting Promotions 20-04-2020

Free bets and no deposit bonus

Growth in the online casino industry has grown considerably in recent years. As a means to entice new customers, operators offer a number of promotions. In fact, with the fierce level of competition within the industry it would be quite unusual not to be offered some incentive for signing up. The most common offers are […]

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Gambling Commission
News 16-04-2020

Why 2020 Is A Huge Year for the Gambling Industry

Before any of us had even heard of COVID-19 the year 2020 was shaping up to be big one for the UK gambling industry. The movement to tackle what has frequently been described as an ‘epidemic’ of problem gambling by the media and MPs has been growing in momentum and size for some time now. […]

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PlayersTogether initiative
News 10-04-2020

Premier League players unite to launch #PlayersTogether

Premier League Players have come together to launch a new initiative to support the NHS, called #PlayersTogether Premier League players have joined forces to launch the #PlayersTogether initiative aimed at generating much-needed funds for NHS charities. It comes in response to some questioning the role elite footballers are playing amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Last week, […]

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