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Betting Sites Vs. Betting Apps — Which One to Choose?

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The era of smartphones has made us all addicted to mobile devices of different kinds. You will hardly meet a person nowadays that can live through a day without a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, it was only a matter of time when mobile online gaming would become a necessity rather than a trend.

Hence today, we can access various online betting sites from our mobile device in two ways — via mobile betting sites or mobile betting apps. Although they do sound the same, differences between the two exist, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this text right now.

If you feel curious to find out what the differences between betting sites and apps are, as well as which one is right for you, you’ll find all the information you need in this text. Let’s start!

Should You Download a Mobile Betting App?

You have probably heard of both terms if you’re a real online betting aficionado. Yet, you might not know the difference between them, and also why betting websites offer downloadable apps if their sites are accessible through a web browser. To get the answer to this question, you first need to learn how each of the two systems works.

Mobile betting sites are actually no different than standard desktop online gaming venues. One example is Comeon Casino that can be easily accessed through your mobile browser and it promises to be a clone of the desktop version. The games are re-designed to fit on a smaller screen, and you can use all the regular features without downloading anything.

When it comes to mobile betting apps, you need to download them via the app store or the respective online betting platform. Although they will use up a few hundred megabytes of space and require a couple of minutes to install, apps are still the preferred method of online mobile betting among players worldwide for many reasons.

Download a Betting App — Here’s Why

The most apparent benefit of using mobile betting apps is convenience. Your online betting will never again be confined to your home, as you can now use your mobile device to enjoy online betting while you’re on a coffee break, commuting to work, waiting for someone, and more.

However, you won’t have to waste time looking for a website through your web browser. Once the download is done, your new mobile betting app will be on the desktop of your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be able to access the betting platform with one click.

This is particularly helpful when a match you want to watch and bet on is about to begin. As you’ll have a betting app at your fingertips whenever you want, you will always be on time to place a bet.

Moreover, most betting apps will send you push notifications whenever something happens on a match you’re following — a result change, yellow and red cards, half-time, and more. Also, they are optimized to fit a smaller screen which allows them to work faster than mobile sites.

Finally, speed is usually not that important, but if you’re up for making some in-play bets it comes in really handy, just like all the aforementioned characteristics. Therefore, download an app and see for yourself why we believe that’s the best way to bet on sports these days!

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