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The 90s brought about a huge change in the casino industry when online gambling became a reality thanks to the internet. And as a result, a handful of online casinos were born. As they gradually caught on, even more of them mushroomed on the net as their predecessors sought to become more established. Fast forward to the new millennium, when smartphones came into existence, and another revolution struck – mobile gaming. And now the question on everyone’s lips is ‘Which devices have better casino apps: Apple or Android devices? Below we take you through what we think about both. Have a look at our humble opinion below, then go ahead and tell us what yours.

Android vs Apple Casino Apps: Why Download an App in the First Place?

Generally speaking, each of the real money gambling applications out there has been cleverly designed by the respected online casino to cater for gamblers on the go. So in essence, downloading your online casino app of choice on your portable device, be it a mobile or a tablet, means that you’ll be able to play your game instantly without the need of entering an online casino’s URL into your browser app’s search bar.

What makes a Great Mobile Casino App?

Typically, what predominantly characterizes a great mobile casino is its array of online casino games. Sure, other things are important too. Most notably, its array of payment options as well as many other features that also pertain to its desktop counterpart. But, what’s fundamentally most important is whether the casino offers a wide selection of mobile casino games that are accessible both easily and securely via a portable device. For more info and a range of great casinos, why not check out

The Differences Between Real Money Android Casino Apps & iOS ones

Real Money Android Casino Apps

Despite the fact that you’ll be able to find many free online casino apps out there on Google’s Play store, real money Android casino apps are few and far between, next to iOS casino apps, even though it’s 2018. What be the reason? Well, formerly the Google Play Store didn’t allow real money apps in its store, even though mobile gambling enthusiasts could find free casino apps in the dozens. In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 when Google finally lifted the ban on having real money casino apps on its Play Store . Yet, not all apps are seen as equal in Google’s eyes and many are still not allowed on its Google Play Store. In order to be allowed on the store, they must meet certain criteria.

Despite the fact that apps on Android are generally less regulated than ones found on iOS, this is definitely not the case when it comes to real money gambling apps. Each one of the Android casino apps on the Play Store must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted on the Store and it’s totally up to the distributor of the app (the online gambling company in this case) to make sure that their app meets the criteria in the first place before they submit it to the Store for users to download.

The bottom line is the lack of real money casino apps on Android is basically down to two things here: the fact that Google’s Play Store only lifted the ban on real money casino apps in 2017 and also that not many casinos have yet adapted their sites to apps yet through development. Nonetheless, the ones that have been so far are absolutely great.

Here are a few real money casino apps on Android:

  • Jackpot Mobile Casino
  • Lucky Day – Win Real Money
  • Slotomania Slots – Vegas Casino Slot Games

Real Money Apple iOS Casino Apps

Despite the fact that Apple casino apps are usually far more regulated than their Android counterparts, you can find quite a large array of mobile casinos present on the App Store. And each online gambling app out there has an array of online casino games that are quite impressive, to say the least. So no matter if you’d like to play real money blackjack on mobile,  your favorite online slots game or spin the multi-pocketed wheel in roulette, you’ll generally find most of these casino games on your Apple iOS casino applications, just like you would on their browser-based counterparts.

Here are a few real money casino apps on iOS:

  • Green Mobile Casino
  • Scores Mobile Casino
  • LeoVegas: Real Money Casino
  • Karamba Casino

Our Verdict: No Matter the Device, There’s Something for Everyone

In a world where everyone is glued to their phones and online gamblers sometimes prefer to play on their portable devices rather than PCs, it can be very easily said that mobile casinos are here and they’re here to stay.

Naturally, this has sparked an endless debate between Android and Apple users as to which casino apps are better. And while this is a matter of opinion really, I will say that iOS casino apps are a bit better in my opinion predominantly for two reasons. The first is that they’ve been around for much longer than Android ones have. Thus, they’ve been tested and improved more by developers over time. And the second reason is simply that there’s far more variety out there on the App Store when compared to the Google Play Store.

Other than that, I can honestly say that both types of casino apps are honestly quite great as such. Generally speaking, the online casino games that I’ve tested on both devices are high in quality and run smoothly provided that you’ve got a decent internet connection.

Also, it’s worth noting that nowadays you won’t even need to download an app in the first place should you want to play.  You can access an online casino very easily through the use of Google Chrome and Safari should you not be able to download the casino app. All you need to do is simply open your browser of choice, type in the casino’s URL and log into your online casino account to start playing online.

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