Cash out is one of the best betting tools on the market and now an integral part of any betting app. Most bookies now offer some form of Cash out, but with so much choice, which ones have the best Cash out options? We take a look.

In this day and age, any betting app wanting to attract punters will offer seamless, hassle-free Cash out experience. Gone are the days of waiting for a match to end to collect those winnings. Nowadays, punters regularly have the choice to take an early profit or cut their losses rather than wait for their bet to be settled. In this article, we look at the different options you have with cash out, such as using Partial Cash out where you can close out part of your original bet and keep the remaining stake alive, and also look at a current list of the best betting apps which offer this service.

Different apps offer the Cash Out option in different ways, some with specific incentives and offers. So, we have decided to list what apps we feel have the best Cash-out options.

Best Apps for Cash Out

1. bet365 App

bet365 is the world’s largest betting site and was one of the first out of the blocks to offer the Cash out feature, and it remains one of the best. The Cash out feature can be used on a massive range of single and multiple bets for both pre-match odds and in-play markets. They offer Cash out on football, cricket, horse racing, tennis and basketball among other sports.

bet365 app

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2. Betfair App

Betfair has a fantastic cash-out feature, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better one. What does Betfair cash out offer? Firstly, there is a huge number of markets available across a range of your favourite sports. Their signature yellow icon is clearly visible next to each bet so no excuses for missing the Cash out button. Betfair’s Take Your Stake feature allows you to cash out the exact amount you want, which means you can keep part of your bet in play. Unlike certain other apps, Betfair also allow you to use your free bets welcome offer to play on Cash out markets. Very generous and gets a thumbs up from us!

Betfair app

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3. William Hill App

The William Hill offering is ‘Cash in’, like some other bookies, but the premise remains the same. William Hill offer both full and partial Cash out, on both single bets and multiples. This means they cover everything except the automatic version.

William Hill app

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4. Paddy Power App

Paddy Power was one of the first bookmakers in the U.K. to offer Cash out, and it is one of the best on offer. In addition to full Cash out, you can also enjoy partial Cash out where you can utilise the green slider button. You can then scale the Cash out you want to take in percentage terms. A great feature which is really helpful for customers!

Paddy Power app

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5. Coral App

Coral is a well-established bookie and as you would expect their Cash out offering comes up trumps. They offer both a full and partial cash-out option, and it is straightforward and simple to use!

Coral app

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6. Bet Victor App

As one of the longest standing U.K. bookies, they have a great reputation that is backed up with some great feature, of course, a Cashing out facility is one of them. Simple to use, fast and available on a wide variety of market

So there you go, the best six apps for using Cash out on. You can check out more of our helpful guides, like which are the best Live Streaming apps

How Does Cash Out Work?

Essentially the Cash out button gives you the chance to close a bet before a match or event is over. So, if you have a hunch that a team might make a comeback, you can bet on that outcome during the game before it finishes.

Let’s look at an example. Tonight, Chelsea play Liverpool in the F.A. Cup. So, you have decided to bet £10 on Chelsea winning at odds of 1/1 (2.0) which would bring in winnings of £20. The game kicks off and with fifteen minutes left Liverpool are leading 1-0. You decide to cash out of your £10 bet for the £5 offered as Cash out by the betting site in anticipation of Chelsea losing.

Chelsea ends up losing the match. If you had not decided to cash out, you would have lost your full £10 bet. But because you decided to cut your losses with fifteen minutes left, you at least get £5 back of your initial stake.

Why Use Cash Out?

Simply put, because you can make an excellent early profit. If you have backed a team in a football match and they race into a healthy early lead, the football betting app will offer you generous Cash out value. By taking this, you will not get the potential maximum returns from the original bet, but you at least guarantee yourself a profit.

Cash Out - What are the best apps to use

It is common for customers to cash out a bet because they feel as though there’s more of a downside to staying in the wager. You might have picked a five-team accumulator and the first four teams might have won their respective games. However, the fifth team plays in the late kick-off, and you don’t want to risk it. A good betting app will offer a nice profit for you to cash out.

The Difference Between Full and Partial Cash Out

When it comes to the Cash out feature, most bookies only offer a full cash-out. This means that you can receive a suggested amount of money if you close your bet. So, this essentially makes it all or nothing. Some bookmakers, such as bet365 and Betfair, offer their customers a so-called “partial” cash out. This means that you can close part of your bet, while letting the remaining part live.

Let’s look at an example of how this might work. Using football, your team is 1-0 up at half time. You placed a £10 bet before the game at 3/1. If you let the bet stand, you would win £30. You still think they will win, but the bookie offers you a partial cash out, where you can cash out your initial wager of £10 and still have a chance to win £15, instead of £30. This is a partial cash out, since you let part of the bet stand, while cashing out the other part.

Of course, it is a pure judgement call on whether you need to use the partial Cash out feature; however, it is always lovely to be given the option and is attractive to customers. We all want as many backups and as many possibilities to at least get some cash back from our initial stake as possible!

What Types of Bet Can I Not Cash Out?

Cash-out is not guaranteed to be available all the time, so whatever bookie you choose to bet with, you need to familiarise yourself with their rules and processes around their Cash out feature. Depending on the type of bet placed, you might find that cash out is temporarily suspended, and every betting site reserves the right to do this with Cash out markets.

Some bets where cash out is not available include:

  • Each-way bets on horse and greyhound races once the race has started
  • Horse racing pool bets like Jackpot and Placebot

These are very much the exception, and the majority of bets will be available for Cash out. The bookies that offer Bet Builder and Request a Bet will also offer Cash out on those. However, Bet Builder bets placed via the In-Play section will only be available for Cash Out if placed after the fixture has started.

How is Cash-Out Calculated?

This will vary depending on the bookie, although the most prominent ones will offer you a 100% Cash Out value immediately after you place a bet providing that the odds stay the same. Some betting apps may only offer an 80% cash-out value, for example, but the bookie needs to give customers an incentive to return, so that is unlikely.

Cash Out is calculated by using any potential winnings you might get from a bet alongside the current odds you would receive if that bet were placed now.