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Basketball betting – leagues to follow in 2021-2022

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Basketball is the team sport that is fastest growing in popularity all over the world. If you’re a new basketball fan, you’re likely wondering – what are some of the best international leagues that I can follow that offer the most interesting games? We’re here to answer that! In this article, we will share which leagues are the most interesting to watch in 2021-2022 season. If you’re keen on sports betting, check out – to know all about that!

NBA – the biggest league in the world

In the world, there’s no bigger basketball league than NBA. Even though there are teams from only two countries (29 U.S.-based and 1 from Canada), the international viewership numbers are unparalleled. Each year, the best individual talent in the world takes the spotlight for 8 months, and each team plays at least 82 games during a full regular season.

If you like the entertainment side of basketball – quick offense, flashy dunks, supreme athleticism and difficult shot-making, definitely tune in to NBA games. In terms of betting, you can place bets on pretty much any European betting site as well as many others. It’s strange to know that the United States law restricts sports betting severely whilst the league is super competitive and has millions of fans.

Basketball leagues

Euroleague – the best team basketball

If you’re looking for more high-quality basketball and prefer team-play and the attitude of never taking a game off, follow Euroleague. It’s the highest calibre of team competition in Europe, the continent which just loves organized team basketball. However, despite stricter coaches and more disciplined defense, Europe has never had any shortage of explosive and exciting talents like Luka Doncic, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and so many more.

With each team playing 34 games each season, there’s bound to be mega exciting action each round. Betting is possible via many of the different betting companies across the continent.

Liga Endesa – bet on the most competitive national championship

The Spanish top tier league is the best club basketball competition in Europe. From top to bottom, pretty much any team can challenge one another with the seeds 5 to 12 always having rosters of equal caliber.

Real Madrid, FCB Barcelona, Baskonia, Unicaja, Valencia, Gran Canaria, and so many other teams are frequent challengers for the title in the top level of international European competition.

So, if you want intense basketball night in and night out – tune in to the Liga Endesa.

Some other leagues

Apart from the Spanish League, you have some other exciting championships across the Old continent.

In France, you have a dynamic league with 3-4 teams that are always battling it out for the top spots. The play is athletic, fast, and dynamic. Games often go down to the wire.

Italy offers explosive offensive action. Games between some teams can go to multiple overtime and the battle for the championship always brings in a few surprises.

In Germany, they play a lot of team-oriented but very precise basketball. Teams are very efficient with an emphasis on all-around basketball. Lithuanian, Greek, the VTB United League, Eurocup and some other championships that are fun to watch if you love basketball. To know more about betting insights and to get info about national and international basketball – go to !

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