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Appeal of gameshow slots

There’s no denying that branded slots are a huge business and there’s nothing like the appeal of playing a game because you have a familiarity or affinity with that brand; whether it’s a film, particular character, band or TV show. This is one of the reasons why software developers make slots based on TV gameshows. They’re easy to adapt into game form and are already incredibly popular with the audience. Here, we will take a look at a number of reasons why gameshow slots appeal so much and some examples of TV shows that have transformed into online games.

It’s a game of luck

Much like many of the TV gameshows, slots are a game of luck – there’s not really any skill or strategy involved. Let’s take the example of the popular show Deal or No Deal. Of 22 players, one is lucky enough to be selected to go on to play the game. But then it’s a game of chance – there’s no knowing which monetary amounts are inside any of the boxes and you’ve got to hope that luck is on your side, to get rid of all the low (blue) amounts of cash. You’ve got to also hope the banker is feeling generous with his offers and then there’s the risk of rejecting an offer and playing on, knowing at any point, you could remove one of those big values from your game. It was such a popular game show, it transformed into an online slot. If you’re feeling lucky, play it here:

There’s plenty of tension

Whether you’re watching a game show on TV, or playing a gameshow slot online, there’s bound to be tension. Usually, this is built by music and if you’re playing slots, you’ll find that music from the TV show is likely to play in the background during the game, to create tension and offer an authentic experience. Surely the most iconic and tense music comes from Who Wants to be a Millionaire? But we’re not just referring to the music from the opening credits, the music played between questions was pretty intense too. Playing any kind of game is tense, whether it’s pressure from other players, or in this case, the pressure of winning! While the reels spin, it’s a waiting game and you’ve got to hope those symbols line up come the time they stop.

You’ll know the iconic symbols

While some play the games with the highest chance of winning and others may choose games with the biggest pay-outs, games by familiar brands often appeal. Away from TV gameshows, the Superman franchise is one of the biggest names to join the slot world, with multiple games available. Taking it back to the appeal of game shows and back to our example of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The game’s interface and symbols will be recognisable, with the black chair and popular lifelines: ask the audience, phone a friend, and 50:50 all making an appearance in the game.

Another example is The Price is Right – a show that was popular on TV for over three decades and another that has transformed into a slot. Players are kept entertained by the programme’s mini-games which have turned into bonus features in the online game. Games such as Plinko and Cliffhanger (always my personal favourites) can be found on the online slot, and by matching the relevant symbols and earning enough of them, you’ll be able to unlock the games and finally play along yourself… so what are you waiting for? Come on down!

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