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Alphabet Bet Calculator

We all dream of getting a massive win and the placing of accumulators are a good way of seeing that happen.  There are plenty of different ones available and they can produce some fantastic returns. Some may be so large that you will need to use a calculator to work out just how much you have won.

Placing a simple accumulator that requires three or four teams to win is a popular but risky bet. It’s risky because if one selection fails to win, then all your stake is lost. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, you can place one of many different types of system bets.

These bets see you choosing several selections, but you don’t need all of them to win in order to get a return. In fact, it is possible for you to make a profit even if one or more of your selections lose. One popular wager is the alphabet bet which is so called because It contains six selections and a total of 26 different bets, aka the number of letters in the alphabet.

The alphabet bet consists of two patents (comprising 14 bets), a yankee (11 more bets) and a six-fold accumulator. This can be a highly profitable bet to place but unless you are a mathematical genius, it’s not easy to work out exactly what your potential returns may be. That’s where an  alphabet bet calculator can do all the work for you.

It’s a complicated bet and a lot of judgement is required with decisions needed over which of the six selections you favour most to be winners. Once that has been achieved, you need to be able to work out just how much the bets could bring you.

Here’s where the alphabet calculator comes into play because there are calculations galore with this bet. Not just on what happens if all the bets are winners, but in calculating your return if only three, four or five are winners. Oh, and don’t forget that some bookmakers offer bonuses for all-correct bets and also if only one selection was to be successful.

Using the alphabet bet calculator is important because it allows you to see just how much can be won. You might want to experiment and try an outsider that you think might win. The six-fold bet requires all the selections to win.

Using the calculator allows you to discover just how much that six-fold could return. If the first five winners return a more than satisfactory amount, then you can decide to go for another short-priced selection rather than going for that outsider. Remember, the higher the winnings, the higher the odds of you being successful.

Once you have worked out how much each of the 26 bets will return, the fun really begins. You can spend the day checking the results and adding up your return as each selections result becomes known, that can really get your heart pumping.

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