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Top 3 Biggest Casinos In The World Revisited

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Exploring luxurious resorts that house the world’s biggest casinos is a high-roller dream. Strolling through a Las Vegas casino or docking on the shores of Monte Carlo to sample their casinos is like something out of a James Bond film.

However, with thousands of physical casinos dotted worldwide, where are the top 3 biggest casinos and how big are they? Look no further. Today we will be exploring that topic and giving you an insight into just how large these buildings are.

The History of Casinos

Although historians state that the Italians built the original casino over 350 years ago, the modern version of these behemoth institutions takes on a completely different size altogether.

If we turn the clock back a couple of decades, physical casinos were a monopoly within the industry. Then, the world was first coming around to the marvel of the internet. In addition, the possibilities of the world wide web were in their infancy.

However, online games offered new avenues to gamblers that plenty of physical casinos could not give. For example, if a gambler wished to gamble in peace and the safety of their own home, a mobile or internet casino would offer this opportunity immediately.

Due to the global market available online, a wide range of games have become prominent in this sector. Various factors drive this surge in online gaming, whether it is the highest quality of graphics, amusing table names, or tempting bonus offers. In addition, iGaming fans can also find a range of sportsbooks and a selection of the best betting apps. Given that, there is certainly room in the industry for physical and online casinos to both thrive.

In fact, two of the three biggest casinos were built in the last 15 years. We will be exploring them both in more detail for you today.

City Of Dreams – Macau

When people think of big casino resorts, they commonly think of Las Vegas. Las Vegas indeed offers some world-class entertainment alongside its resorts. However, regarding size, scale and profitability, Macau is the biggest by quite some distance.

Although it has experienced a severe downturn in light of the current economic issue, at its peak in 2019, Macau was turning over six times the amount of profit as Las Vegas. This figure may not shock some people. However, it explains why all three biggest casinos are outside Nevada.

City Of Dreams contains over 1,500 machines and 400 individual gaming tables. The complete area of the casino stretches nearly 40,000 sq metres. In terms of area, it is roughly the same size as Principality Stadium (formerly the Millennium Stadium) in the UK, which seats over 70,000 people.

WinStar World Casino – Oklahoma, USA

The second biggest casino in the world is in the United States, and surprisingly it isn’t in Nevada. Instead, the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma spans 519,000 square feet. Although the City Of Dreams has more individual table games, in terms of sheer size, this gigantic structure is by far the biggest casino on American shores.

With nearly 50 poker table rooms, the scale of the architectural triumph is a marvel to witness. However, one of the downsides that people have pointed to is that despite its size, it doesn’t have the same range of features or entertainment on offer as in Las Vegas.

Ensure that regardless of how you gamble, you keep the experience fun and only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you find yourself chasing losses or spending more time or money than you initially intended, you must stop immediately and speak to a family member, a friend, or a medical professional to seek help.

The Venetian Macao, Macau

Situated directly over the road from the City Of Dreams, standing between these two buildings must be quite the sight. Fifteen years ago, this megastructure unveiled itself as the top structure in the world. It spans nearly half a million square kilometres of casino space.

With over 3,000 slot machines and 750 table games, The Venetian Macao is far and away the most significant and majestic casino on Earth.

As we have touched on earlier in the article, some of these gigantic buildings have taken a substantial economic impact recently. However, once they open back up fully, expect to see casinos like the Venetian Macao and City Of Dreams start to print profit on a billion-dollar scale once again.


Although Las Vegas once held the title of the world’s gambling capital, that title is now impressively claimed by Macau. With other casinos in the world’s top 10, Macau is the go-to place for gamblers throughout China and the rest of the Asian continent.

How this landscape evolves over the next decade is intriguing, given that Macau has experienced a reasonably severe retraction in its market over the last couple of years, and more gamblers return to casinos on American shores.

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